Flame Towers

Along with the breathtaking Caspean sea, Baku Flame Towers reflect modern and traditional architecture of 3 iconic skyscrapers in the heart of Baku. The structure, stands out in the foreground with its architecture symbolizing fire, has a aestethic and outstanding design.

As the highest skyscrapers of Azerbaijan designed in flame shape on 251.000 m2 area. A maximum height of 181 meters long, serving as a 34 storey office, 37 storey hotel, 38 storey residence and shopping center Flame Towers attract audience as historical parts of Baku as well.

Azerbaijan / Baku

Hok Design
United States
  • Location : Baku / AZERBAIJAN
  • Concept Design By : HOK Architects
  • Project Commence : March  – 2008
  • Project Complete : December – 2014
  • Employer : Azinko Development MMC

  • * During the project construction period, the Project was constructed by DIA HOLDING FZCO and its affiliates, which was a 50% partnership of our Group Companies under its ultimate shareholding structure in that period.