Mersin Integrated Health Campus

The campus, built on 369.591 m2 area consists of the main hospital with 1259 bed capacity, parking garage, and technical services building.

Promoted as one of the top-line city hospital projects and the first "Public-Private Cooperation Model" (PPP) in Turkey, the complex earned "Best PPP Project" award in 2014.

Mersin Integrated Health Campus
Mersin / Turkey

NKY Architects and Engineers NKY Architects & Engineers
  • Location : Mersin / TURKEY
  • Concept Design By : NKY Arhcitects
  • Project Commence : December – 2014
  • Project Complete : December – 2016
  • Employer : Ministry Of Health Of Turkey

  • * During the project construction period, the Project was constructed by DIA HOLDING FZCO and its affiliates, which was a 50% partnership of our Group Companies under its ultimate shareholding structure in that period.